The Tricolor Multi-Channel Femtosecond Laser System

  • Output wavelengths 1050, 525 and 800 nm (simultaneous)
  • Average output power >1.2 W, >300 mW and >300 mW
  • Sum frequency generation (optional)
  • Self-starting of femtosecond regime
  • Time delay jitter 1050 nm to 800 nm <10 fs

1. General

The Tricolor hybrid femtosecond laser has three output channels with different wavelengths. All channels are inherently synchronized to each other allowing for easy pump-probe and other experiments where precise temporal delay setting or pulse overlapping is a must. Generation of other wavelengths via sum frequency generation is also possible and optional layout may be supplied upon request.

             This solid-state laser system incorporates a Ti:S oscillator unit that may offer tunable output wavelength for even greater versatility. 

2. Specifications

3. Applications

-Pump-probe spectroscopy 

-Multi-photon excitation microscopy

-Time-resolved spectroscopy

-Supercontinuum generation

-Generation of terahertz radiation

-Optical coherent tomography

4. PDF & Extras

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