Monochromator-spectrograph M266 is available for order in the double-dispersive scheme modification – Double M266: in that case, the output slit of the first M266 becomes the input slit of the second M266. Due to larger focal length and dispersion addition, the twice-better spectral resolution and lower stray light are achieved. Effective transmission of radiation from a source into monochromators can be realized with variety of options, such as spherical and toroidal optics, optical fibers. Upon your request, spectral slit with blackened blades can be supplied.



Optical schemeOptimized Czerny-Turner with one input and two outputs
Spectral rangeTypical 190 – 3600 nm,
Extended up to 40 µm (upon request)
F/Number1 : 3.8
Total focal length, mm568
Flat field on the lateral port of the first M266, mm30 x 10
Flat field on the lateral port of the second M266, mm6 x 10
ImagingOption. Available for the both output ports simultaneously.
Diffraction gratings50x50x10 mm, one grating or a turret with 4 gratings from the list below 1)
— Grooves/mm240018001200600400300
— Reciprocal linear dispersion (average) nm/mm2)0.791.061.593.
— Blaze wavelength, nm2252704007501000800170015002000
— Spectral range, nm3)190-450190-540265-800500-1500660-1800530-16001130-26001000-30001330-3600
— Multichannel array bandpass on the output
of the second M266 (average), nm
3.8 4)5.2 4)7.6 4)15 4)4)23 4)12 5)16 5)16 5)
— Spectral resolution on the output
of the second M266, nm
<0.05 4)<0.08 4)<0.11 4)<0.22 4)<0.22 4)<0.35 4)<0.35 5)<0.47 5)<0.47 5)
Entrance/exit slitsRefer to М266 specifications
Intermediate slit width, mm5
Filter wheelRefer to М266 specifications
Integrated shutterComputer controlled, serves for dark signal measuring
Computer interfaceHigh-Speed USB interface

1) Upon your request diffraction gratings differing from the above can be used
2) Reciprocal linear dispersion is indicated for blazing wavelength
3) Wavelength range for which diffraction efficiency exceeds 40%
4) For detector with 24 µm pixel size and 24.5 mm length of active area
5) For detector with 25 µm pixel size and 12.8 mm length of active area