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100~240V to 12V AC-DC isolated switching power supply module step down buck boltage converter.

MP1205A is an isolated AC-DC power module that outputs 12V 0.5A. Use shell packaging and AB glue potting, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and good heat dissipation.
Universal input voltage: 100~240VAC.
Industrial grade material selection, high efficiency, high output voltage accuracy, and low ripple. The product is easy to install and can be directly welded on the motherboard. It is widely used in the power supply of various industrial control panels,smart home switch control device,etc.


Product Features



  • Power supply of cold and dry machine control motherboard
  • stripping machine, cutting machine control motherboard power supply
  • Air compressor control motherboard power supply
  • Laser cutting machine control motherboard power supply
  • All kinds of circuit boards that need power supply


Product Parameter

Input characteristics
Rated input voltage (V)

AC 100~240V

Frequency range (Hz)

Input Current(mA)

65mA@110VAC    25mA@220VAC

Standby power consumption(mW)

Start delay time(ms)


Output characteristics
 Output voltage(V)

DC 12V ±1%

Rated current(A)

Rated power(W)


Output Ripple(mV)

Rated input voltage,

20MHz bandwidth

Load Regulation10-100% load


Conversion efficiency

≥75%@110VAC    ≥80%@220VAC
Overload protectionRated input voltage

115%-150% of rated output power

Overcurrent protection

≥1.1 times Io
Short circuit protection

Short circuit does not damage the device, and the output can be automatically reset after releasing

Other characteristics

Insulation high voltage(V)Apply high voltage between input and output, test for 60s, leakage current ≤5mA


Working temperature(℃)

Working humidity(RH)

20-90%, No condensation


Product Size


Product Internal Principle Diagram


Product typical application circuit


AC/DC Power Module Selection


Output typeOutput voltagePowerSize
MP1205ASingle output12V6W



Single output5V6W
MPD1212ADual output





Dual output



MPD0512ADual output




Note: please refer to the corresponding product specification for details of each model.