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Programmable custom USB switch

The USB Switch cable  with 2Φ, length 2m (Max length 150m ), can connect one switch. It is used in playing games, factory testing, controlling instruments, helping the disabled and so on. You can use it by hands or feet for efficiency.

It is equivalent to a standard HID USB keyboard and mouse , but it is customizable by using the setting software, which can define your foot switch as any keys, key combination , mouse and string , No other software is required.

It is a Solution for USB Keypress Simulator,for example, you can  convert to a keypress for “F4”, “Ctrl+Alt+A”or others.

You can DIY single key keyboard, HID USB Foot Switch Single Pedal, and any shortcut keys for Medical Device,Games and so on.

Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on DOS,Mac,Linux and Android.

 (If you want to use it in Linux or macOS, you need to set the key value on Windows PC.After successfully setting, then connect it to macOS or Linux system.)

Free PCsensor Software Download :

Note: software is only used for modify button function. After configuration sucessfully . you don’t need running the software when using the device.

Instructions for use

After connecting the switch cable to any switch, the switch can trigger the set key value through the chip.