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TETA Yb femtosecond amplifier system

TETA Yb femtosecond amplifier system

  • Pulse duration <300 fs

  • > 200 µJ per pulse

  • Repetition rate up to 100 kHz

  • Optional SH and FH outputs

  • PC control software

  • High beam quality and pointing stability

  • Compact single-box solution

1. General

            The TETA ytterbium ultrafast amplifier system radiates at 1029 nm and provides up to 200 µJ at kHz repetition rates with <300 fs pulses. The system is based on an all-fiber seed oscillator and Yb regenerative amplifier with direct diode pumping scheme. This ensures stable short-term and long-term stability and low M-squared. The unit has small footprint and is thermally stabilized via a closed-loop chiller for further improvement.

             An additional built-in Pockels cell offers instant output radiation gating as well as total control over output repetition rate. Moreover, the cell features precise pulse picking with control over the number of fired pulses (burst mode) and temporal period of radiation.The cell also has TTL-level control input for easier OEM integration. The TETA system may be equipped with a SH and FH generation units, as well as with the Compulse capillary compressor which allows to bring the pulse duration down to 30 fs with >50% energy conversion efficiency.

            The PC software included with the system allows full PC control over the amplifier’s parameters and pulse picker operation, as well as provides monitoring of the pulse energy. Optionally the system can be equipped with second and fourth harmonic generators for wavelength conversion. Pulse energy and duration can also be adjusted via optional modifications.

The system suits many industrial and scientific applications, such as micromachining and material ablation, OPA pumping, THz studies, remote sensing and ultrafast spectroscopy.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-SH – second harmonic output

-FH – second and fourth harmonic outputs

-PD – adjustable pulse duration in range of 300 fs to 5 ps

-AT – automated built-in attenuator for pulse energy control

4. Applications

  • Micromachining

  • Materials processing

  • Femtosecond ablation studies

  • OPA pumping

  • THz generation

  • Remote sensing

  • Ultrafast spectroscopy

5. FAQ

Q. Can the system’s output be controlled by an external TTL trigger signal?

A. Yes, the system’s output Pockels cell (gate) can be controlled by a TTL-level external trigger signal. On-off state, bursts and single-shot operation is available via TTL. However, these parameters can also be controlled via supplied PC software.

6. RFQ Hints

Just some quick hints before you send us an RFQ:

1. Different ratios of pulse energy/rep rate are available, see Specifications tab.
2. Harmonics and pulse energy/duration control are available, see Modifications.
3. Custom specs and design is available.

7. PDF & Extras

Download .PDF