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Ti:Sapphire Amplifier MATEKO

Ti:Sapphire Amplifier MATEKO

  • >10 mJ/pulse

  • Pulse duration down to <40 fs upon request

  • Upgradeable up to TW level

  • Single box design

1. General

            The MATEKO femtosecond amplifier is designed to provide mJ-level output by amplifying pulses from a Ti:S or fiber ultrafast seed oscillator. The amplification ratio in such a system is more than 10^6 and happens in a Ti:S crystal during several passes while pumping by a Q-switched 515-532 nm laser. The hybrid system comprises two amplifiers: a regenerative stage and a multipass stage, thus enabling higher pulse energies. A single pump laser is used to pump both stages which reduces the cost of the system and boosts stability and performance. Additional Pockels cell operates as a pulse slicer and allows full control over PRR and increases contrast ratio to 10^4 level at >5 ns.

          The MATEKO systems comprise an ultrafast seed oscillator (solid-state TiF-15F3 or fiber EFOA-SH), stretcher, Fraday isolator, Pockels cell, control and synchronization unit, regenerative and multipass amplifiers, pulsed amplifier pump laser, optional pulse slicer and grating compressor unit. All elements are integrated into a single box for better overall stability and have compact optical layout.

          Upon request we may offer systems with output pulse energy of >500 mJ and TW peak power level. The upgrade may also be performed in stages to fit into tighter funding.

2. Specifications

3. Applications

  • Fundamental research

  • Plasma studies

  • Filament research

  • THz generation

  • Materials processing

  • Femtosecond ablation studies

4. RFQ Hints

Just some quick hints before you send us an RFQ:

1. Please refer to our Diagnostics and Components product lines for additional equipment for your ultrafast millijoule or TW setup.
2. Custom specs and design is available.

5. PDF & Extras

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