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AA-20DD real-time USB autocorrelator

  • Pulse duration range 10 – 30000 fs

  • Wavelength range 450-2000 nm

  • USB connection

  • Acquisition and analysis PC software

  • Linear distortion less than 1%

  • Optional fiber input

  • Fringe-resolved autocorrelation function

1. General

            Writing femtosecond-related articles and doing estimations in ultrafast experiments without reliable pulse duration information can be a treacherous business. Besides, many applications demand the exact value of the pulse duration to be right on your PC screen accompanied by autocorrelation (AC) and intensity traces in real-time mode. 
            The AA-20DD scanning autocorrelator is a compact and undemanding assistant in monitoring of femtosecond and picosecond pulse duration from 20 fs to 6 ps.

In addition to showing the AC, intensity traces and calculating the final FWHM pulse duration in real-time, the unit provides Gaussian and sech^2 fitting options and data storage and export. The statistical viewer feature allows comparison of different measurements. While the unit boasts USB connection and acquisition/analysis software included into the default package, the oscilloscope can also be hooked up to the unit to see the raw AC trace if a PC is not around.

            The wavelength coverage of the unit is divided into three ranges: 450-700 nm, 700-1300 nm and 1300-2000 nm, each being covered by a relevant exchangeable photodetector/beamsplitter couple. The standard AA-20DD comes with one photodetector/BS for the desired range pre-installed and not exchangeable, while the AA-20DDM modification allows seamless interchangeability of the detector/BS units and coverage of two or all three different wavelength ranges. 

The unit also has an optional fiber input modification while at the same time maintaining the free-space measurement ability. This makes the AA-20DD a versatile budget-friendly tool for any lab that deals with femtosecond radiation.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-F – adds a fiber input while still maintaining the ability to measure free-space pulses.

-M – this mode enables the exchange of photodetector units/BS, allowing you to cover two or all three available wavelength ranges with one device.

-LP – long pulse version of the device, increases the input pulse duration range to 10 fs – 30 ps.

-LR – low input repetition rate limit, the rep rate requirement becomes >10 Hz.

Note: -F, -M, -LP and –LR modifications can be combined in any way.

4. Applications

  • Femtosecond oscillator and amplifier pulse duration measurement

  • Pulse duration monitoring for various applications of femtosecond lasers

5. FAQ

Q. How long does it take to swap the photodetector/BS pair in the AA-20DD-M unit to cover a different wavelength range?

A. The procedure takes around 10 to 15 minutes and simple calibration is only necessary after the swap.

6. RFQ Hints

Just some quick hints before you send us an RFQ:

1. Choose the right wavelength range for your application: 450-700 nm, 700-1300 nm or 1300-2000 nm. Two or all three ranges can also be covered with the AA-20DD–M modification.
2. Decide on whether you require a fiber input modification.
3. Send us the specs of your laser system (rep rate, wavelength, pulse duration, average power) so we can check if the AA-20DD is the right choice for you.
4. Decide if you need one of other modifications (see modifications tab).

7. PDF & Extras

Download .PDF