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IRA-0.45-3 Autocorrelator

  • Pulse duration range 50 fs – 250 ps

  • Wavelength range 450-3000 nm

  • USB connection

  • Acquisition and analysis PC software

1. General

The IRA-0.45-3 autocorrelator is specifically developed for measurement of pulse duration and near contrast ratio of ultrafast radiation generated by ultrafast amplifiers and oscillators.

The IRA includes opto-mechanical assembly and electronics with USB interface. The system is easy to operate and includes a full set of user friendly software tools for data collection and analysis. Approximation with Gauss and Sech2 profile is also available. The unit implements a robust scanning mechanism.

The acquisition and analysis software is fully compatible with Windows, USB drivers are included.

2. Specifications

3. Applications

  • Femtosecond and picosecond OPA  pulse duration measurement.

4. PDF & Extras

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