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IRA-3-10 Autocorrelator

  • Pulse duration range 30 fs – 50 ps

  • Wavelength range 3-10 um

  • Scan range 150 ps

  • No reference beam required

  • USB connection

  • Acquisition and analysis PC software

1. General

The IRA-3-10 autocorrelator is an indispensable tool for high resolution pulse duration measurement of femtosecond and picosecond OPAs. The unit consists of an optical head and an electronic control unit with USB interface for easy PC control. The software is included in the package and displays the AC trace and calculates pulse duration with Gaussian and sech^2 fitting options and data storage and export.

The wavelength coverage of the unit is divided into three ranges: 3-5.5 um, 5.5-7 um and 7-10 um, each being covered by a relevant exchangeable optics set.

2. Specifications

3. Applications

  • Femtosecond and picosecond OPA  pulse duration measurement.

4. PDF & Extras

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