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ASG second and fourth harmonic generators

  • Conversion up to 40%

  • Small walk-off angle

  • Low divergence

  • Low pulse broadening

1. General

            The ASG frequency doubler provides smooth harmonic generation from a fundamental beam of Ti:S (710-960 nm), Yb (1020-1070 nm) and Cr:F (1250 nm) femtosecond laser systems. The unit is a compact portable system comprising the conversion crystal and all optics necessary for beam adjustment. The generators offer high conversion efficiency, virtually no beam distortion and low pulse broadening for ultrafast applications.

Fourth harmonic setups are also available on custom basis when combining the units together.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-B – 800 nm only generator (without tuning of input wavelength). Provides even higher conversion than a standard unit but prevents tunability.

4. Applications

Second and fourth harmonic generation from Ti:S, Yb and Cr:F solid-state femtosecond lasers.

5. PDF & Extras

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