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Gas Compressor

Gas Compressor Compulse

  • Up to 1:10 compression ratio

  • Energy efficiency 50%

  • Input pulse energy up to 1 mJ

  • 800 and 1058 nm standard models

1. General

            Compressors are employed for shortening of femtosecond laser pulses. They are based on spectral broadening (chirping) of femtosecond laser pulse in noble gas-filled capillary with subsequent pulse compression by grating or prism compressor. The pulse compression (ratio of initial pulse duration to the compressed pulse duration) varies from 5 to 10 for laser pulses with duration from 50 to 300 fs. The energy conversion efficiency reaches 50% for 0.01-1 mJ laser pulses. The compressor size is 130x50x15 cm3 (LxWxH).

            The Compulse compressor family includes two standard models, namely Compulse-800 and Compulse-1050 (designed for 800 nm and 1058 nm sources respectively). Customized requests are also welcome.

2. Applications

  • Compression of output pulses of ultrafast amplifier systems.

3. FAQ

Q. Do you have an example of how broad the pulse may become when using a microscope?

A. For example, a transform-limited Gaussian-shaped pulse with duration of 100 fs at 800 nm is passing through microscope optics with total positive dispersion of 8000 fs^2, and that corresponds to pulse broadening to 254 fs.

Q. How can I know the dispersion of my microscope?

A. If it is an established producer of microscopic equipment, they might know the answer already. Just ask if they know the second order dispersion of their system at 800 nm or any other wavelength that is of interest to you.
Another way to go would be to purchase an autocorrelator with two photodetectors, one being able to measure pulse duration at the sample’s position of your system. Thus, you would be able to calculate the dispersion based on the difference in durations at the input and at sample position. This can be done by using our autocorrelator AA-M.

4. RFQ Hints

-M – motorized USB tuning of dispersion values with PC software.

5. PDF & Extras

Download .PDF