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OAFP and OAGP optical attenuators

  • 10^3 attenuation dynamic range

  • Transmission >90%

  • Integration into Atseva’s laser systems

  • Optional USB automated adjustment

1. General

            The OAFP and OAGP optical attenuators are used to attenuate the output of various laser and amplifier sources with 10^3 dynamic range. The OAGP model is based on a simple scheme with a Glan prism ensuring high throughput and simple operation.

            The OAFP version is specifically developed for ultrashort pulses with duration of less than 100 fs and utilizes a thin zero-order half-wave plate and two mirror polarizers that allow selection of input radiation according to polarization. The unit introduces virtually no dispersion to the input pulse, a major factor in many femtosecond applications.

            Both the OAFP and the OAGP can be motorized and USB-controlled for further seamless integration into your setup. See Modifications for details. The system can also be integrated in other products from our family, like femtosecond lasers and amplifiers.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-M – USB-controlled motorized version of OAGP or OAFP with PC software.

4. Applications

  • Laser and amplifier average power control

5. RFQ Hints

Just some quick hints before you send us an RFQ:

  1. The OAGP system is suitable for pulses above 100 fs while the OAFP is ideal for ultrashort pulses below 100 fs.

6. PDF & Extras

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