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Raman Shifters

Raman Frequency Shifter RS

  • Conversion efficiency up to 30%

  • Various active media with different frequency shift values

  • Input pulse energies up to 100 mJ

  • Standard models for 800/1058/1250 nm

1. General

            The Raman shifters are used for downshifting the laser radiation frequency in order to generate powerful IR femtosecond pulses. The RS femtosecond Raman shifters employ a novel scheme. The scheme is based on Raman conversion of a chirped laser pulse with subsequent pulse compression. Compressed gases (hydrogen, methane, sulphur hexafluoride) and barium nitrate crystal are used as active media.

            The Raman frequency shift varies from 775 cm-1 for sulphur hexafluoride to 4155 cm-1 for hydrogen. The energy conversion efficiency reaches 30%. The using small volume Raman cells (less than 100 cm3) provides the safety operation. The optical scheme and sizes of Raman lasers depend on the pump laser pulse energy which can vary from 0.1 mJ to 100 mJ. 

            The RS Raman shifter family includes three standard models for traditional sources RS-800, RS-1050 and RS-1250 (800 nm, 1050 nm and 1250 nm respectively). Customized enquiries are welcome.

2. Specifications

3. Applications

  • Laser radiation frequency shift

4. PDF & Extras

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