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The EFOA-SH-UB Multi-Output Laser

  • Multi-Output Laser Source

  • Three outputs:

    • – 1560 nm (fs)

    • – 780 nm (fs)

    • – 1100-2000 nm (supercontinuum)

  • Turn-key

  • Highly stable

1. General

            The EFOA-SH-UB laser system combines several laser sources on one platform: the EFOA femtosecond mode-locked Yb-doped fiber laser (1560 nm output), a supercontinuum generator (1100-2000 nm output) and a second harmonic generator (780 nm). Simultaneous operation with all three wavelengths is possible along with switchable outputs mode.

            The system is an indispensable basic tool for research laboratories as it combines a number of laser wavelengths in pulsed mode while maintaining compact size and ease of operation. The device finds its application in various physical, biological, medical areas and other natural sciences including such applications as: material processing, multiphoton microscopy, “pump-probe” spectroscopy, parametric generation and optical frequency metrology.

            Femtosecond mode-locked lasers based on Er-doped fibers may be used as a more budget-friendly alternative to Ti:S and Cr:F femtosecond lasers. Fiber lasers do not require costly pump lasers that are used in traditional Ti:S femtosecond lasers.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-D – dual (simultaneous) output of fs and broadband beams.

4. Applications

  • Material processing

  • Multiphoton microscopy

  • “Pump-probe” spectroscopy

  • Parametric generation

  • Optical frequency metrology

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