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EFOA-SH Er femtosecond 780-nm fiber laser system

  • 780 nm wavelength

  • Pulse duration <120 fs

  • Pulse energy up to 1.1 nJ

  • RF sync output

  • High long-term stability

1. General

            The EFOA-SH ultrafast fiber laser includes Er-doped fiber oscillator and second harmonic conversion unit and provides ~780 nm and ~1560 nm outputs. The laser is indispensable as a stable source of fs pulses and works great as a seed oscillator for ultra-short pulse Ti:S amplifier systems, while many other applications are also covered by the system. High repeatability, low shock and vibration sensitivity and small size make the laser an ideal and simple source of fs radiation in various laboratory experiments.

          The system is an alternative to Ti:S solid-state systems as it does not require expensive pump lasers and follows the “launch-and-forget” principle. The fundamental and SH outputs of the system are switchable, allowing greater flexibility. Other modifications are also possible, with dual simultaneous outputs.
The laser has a built-in reference HF output (SMA) that can be used to trigger external devices and synchronize other equipment to the pulse train.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-D – dual (simultaneous) output of fundamental and SH beams after separator.

4. RFQ Hints

Just some quick hints before you send us an RFQ:

1. Customized enquiries are also welcome.

5. PDF & Extras

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