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LF-100 Cr:F CW Solid-State Femtosecond Laser System

  • Tuning 1210-1290 nm

  • 10 cm-1 linewidth

  • >400 mW of typical output power

  • Integrated pump laser

  • Custom output power >700 mW@1250 nm

1. General

            The LF-100 is a chromium-forsterite continuous-wave tunable laser system with wavelength range from 1210 to 1290 nm. The linewidth is limited by 10 cm-1 while the output power is >400 mW (with 10 W pump). The system is suitable for various microscopic and spectroscopic applications in the IR region.

The system can also be equipped with a 10 W integrated pump laser (LF-100P).

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-HPxx/xx – high output power (up to 1W).

4. Applications

  • Microscopy in IR field

  • Spectroscopy

5. RFQ Hints

Just some quick hints before you send us an RFQ:

– Custom output power ratings are available, please enquire.

6. PDF & Extras

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