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PErL Er ultrafast OEM fiber laser system

  • Extra-small footprint: 136x76x24

  • Pulse duration (fixed): 0.25 – 5 ps

  • Average power: >50 mW

  • No external control unit

  • Only +5V supply necessary for operation

  • RF sync output

  • Low pulse pedestal

  • Low timing jitter

1. General

            The Perl femtosecond fiber laser is one of the tiniest systems on the market, and yet it provides sufficient power output level and pulse durations for many applications. The system operates in 1560±10 nm wavelength region and is able to produce pulses from 0.25 to 5 ps. The duration is factory preset based on your requirement. High repeatability, low shock and vibration sensitivity and small size make the laser an ideal source for fs radiation, be it laboratory experiments or OEM integration.

            The system operation and maintenance is turn-key and hands-off. The only thing the Perl needs is +5V supply to feed it. There is no external control unit, there is just a standard voltage adapter and it is supplied in the package.
The laser has a built-in reference HF output that can be used to trigger external devices and synchronize other equipment to the pulse train.

2. Specifications

3. Modifications

-P – has polarization control so that the output becomes linearly polarized.

4. Applications

  • Supercontinuum generation

  • Seeding amplifiers

  • OEM integration

  • Semiconductor device testing

  • Terahertz generation and detection

  • Frequency metrology

5. PDF & Extras

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